52 years and still a guiding light for the Podiatry. Arthur Gudeon, DPM a fixture in New York Podiatry for over half a century is a remarkable man. Today, he is President of the NYCPM Alumni Association, and in the past he has been awarded Podiatrist of the Year many times by many organizations, He is an active fan and leader in medical support to Professional Tennis and US Open Tennis (Grand Slam event). Dr. Gudeon has been a delegate to the NYSPMA for 50 years!! He is member of many organizations, but may be best know for organizing the Podiatric Response to the 9-11 Ground Zero for 50+ DPM’s who volunteered their time. Please join me as we learn from this luminary DPM who has been in private practice for 50 years and always has time to help students and younger DPM’s, and still volunteer for what gives him passion Live on Tuesday night.