Drs Vlahovic, Brenner and Markinson moved the profession forward by a taking a few HUGH steps today, as they shared their own experiences in subspecialty of Podiatric Dermatology. Treatment algorithms were discussed on topic as verruca treatments, lasers for onychomycosis, biopsy’s and the management of Tinea Pedis.. The pearls that were offered gave tremendous value not only to our patients, but to the Bottom Line n each of our practices. There is a lot of profit in dermatology, and fellow DPM’s have a great opportunity to grow there income and practices this year by just following a few of the ideas that were discussed Just a few biopsy’s a week are the financial equivalent to doing 25 bunionectomies a year. Everyone will want to listen to this hour with plenty of paper and pens ready. **Portions of Audio File are of poor quality – Audio engineers are attempting repair ****