Dr. Frank Spinosa currently serves as President of the American Podiatric Medical Association. He graduated from NYCPM in 1980, completed his surgical residency at Rockland State Hospital, and later taught at NYCPM as an Associate Professor of Radiology. Dr. Spinosa is Board Certified by ABPS, ABPM, and ABPPH. He is currently in private practice in Shelter Island, NY, and has hospital privileges at Eastern Long Island Hospital. Dr. Spinosa is a past president of the NYS Podiatric Medical Association, and was Scientific Chair of the NY Clinical Conference. He has served as Chair of APMA’s Annual Meeting Committee, as well as the Vision 2015 Committee, whose mission is to gain parity for podiatrists as physicians by the year 2015. Dr. Spinosa has also represented APMA at the American Medical Association RUC Committee, which is responsible for the reimbursement values of all medical procedures and treatments. Dr. Spinosa has authored numerous articles and books, for both scientific and lay publications. He has been interviewed on television, radio, and internet media. Dr. Spinosa holds a U.S. Merchant Marine Captain’s license for vessels up to 50 gross tons.