President/CEO PICA Group: – Founder of PICA – 1980 — President of Board of Directors (since 1993) — Treasurer (1980 – 1993) — CEO (1997-Present) – Insures over 10,000 DPM(s) 1984-1985 – President of American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) 1977-1986 – APMA Board of Trustees Graduate of Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine (Scholl College) President – Illinois Podiatric Medical Association Legislative Representative for IPMA – Illinois General Assembly (11 years) President – Fund for Podiatric Education Board Member PPAC of APMA Involvement in Federal/State Legislation Over 20 years as Board Member/Executive Committee – Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine {Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine} Experience in Professional Liability – over 30 years Practicing podiatrist in Jacksonville, Illinois, for 30 years prior to becoming President/CEO of PICA – 1997 Board of Education member, District 117, Jacksonville, Illinois Chamber of Commerce Board member, Jacksonville, Illinois Recipient of Distinctive Service Citation in 1992; Podiatry’s highest achievement award presented annually