Born in Scranton ,PA went to local Jesuit Catholic high School and college for Pre- med. After not doing too well on Med Cats, applied to Podiatry school as an afterthought and was accepted in late May of Senior Year of College.Entered USAF right out of PCPM in 1982 for three years then AF sent me for Surgical Residency in Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 1984-85. Then stayed in USAF until retirement as the first podiatrist promoted to the rank of full Colonel in the USAF. Throught out USAF career was selected for a myriad of leadership jobs as well as Chief of Podiatry and even Orthopaedic clinics culminating in Surgical Services Commander at large regional medical center, Eglin AFB,FL. Podiatric leadership included Federal Services Delegate to APMA- 20 years, ABPOPPM board of director s1991-1998 and examinations chairperson 1994-1996,and president of ABPOPPM 96-97. Board of directors ACFAS – 2003 -2006 and ACFAS Annual Meeting Committee – 1999-2002. Blue Ribbon APMA Panel on CPME -2005 and LCPMEP committee 1996- 1998 for APMA .