What can learn in 2015 to practice better in the Dermatology side of Podiatric practice. The seminar season is upon us, its time to deeply reevaluate how we are all practicing. What is a profitable patient? Not just in money, but also in satisfaction and appreciation of the skill each DPM brings into the treatment room. Surgery has always been the beacon to which all DPM’s aimed – but today, I think this needs reassessment. The days of the two-thousand dollar bunionectomy are just fading memories for me. I have always been a student of metrics – and since I first gave the lecture, “Surgery’s fun….but fungus pays the bills” in 2006 at the Mid-West seminar I have learned that Dermatology is where the pot of gold is now. Please join me Tuesday night when we talk with the President of the American Society of Podiatric Dermatology, Joel Morse and Bryan Markinson about what to learn, where to learn it, how to learn it while learning how to thrive with this knowledge at we practice outstanding care for our patients.