This will be Len’s third time on MTM’s and each time, its a super hit. Over 3,000 downloads have occurred from his appearance. Many have commented that what they have learned from listening to Len have helped them make a real difference in their practices.

Entrepreneur, speaker, author and master marketing consultant, Dr. Len Schwartz has impacted thousands of doctors, professionals and business owners in more than 20 countries. Over the last 10+ years it is estimated that he helped generate more than 150 million dollars of new business for his clients. During his 12 years as a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Len built one of the largest practices in Philadelphia, PA., was awarded “The Purpose Achievement Award” for “Practice Excellence”, and created and developed the largest and most sought after collection of fully researchbased, health and wellness lectures, waiting room videos and patient education systems in the chiropractic profession. Dr. Len took all of his practice‐building systems and marketing skills to doctors and professionals worldwide and soon began working with some of the biggest names in marketing and business‐building, such as Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Bill Bartmann, Michael Gerber, Christine Comaford, and many more. The late Chet Holmes, the New York Times best‐selling author and Fortune 500 strategist, said he had never met another doctor with the same level of marketing and copywritin skills as Dr. Len.