Michael M. Rosenblatt attended OCPM and graduated with the class of 1969. He did his DPM residency at the VA Hospital/Munson Army Hospital at Wadsworth, KS. He subsequently went to the Seattle area and lived there for approximately 26 years. During that time he served as residency director at Waldo Hospital, which graduated several hundred DPMs over the years. He was active in the State Association and the insurance committee. He was also a paid Medicare auditor for the National program and occasionally for some local HMOs. He established and accredited his office as a Medicare Certified Surgical Center and wrote an accreditation manual/book which is now used by about 40 ASCs in the US. Dr. Rosenblatt had an interest in Real Estate investing and accrued a number of properties as a part of his retirement plan. Throughout the years he has written numerous articles for Podiatry Management Magazine (including on RE investing). A recent interest and concern he has is in the residency crisis, which worries him deeply. His most recent presentation in Barry Block’s PM Magazine will be an article describing the use of ordinary “smart phones” to document various treatments by DPMs, especially in nursing homes. His hope is to prevent subsequent Medicare fraud convictions, which as he says are “unnecessary” and cause enormous damage to DPM families.