Podiatric Residency Crisis – What’s the next step? On Tuesday April 23, 2013 (next week’s show) will be an EPIC event in the podiatric profession as it’s my great honor to bring together: Dean John Mattiacci (Temple) Dean Jeffrey Jensen (Barry) and Dean Larry Harkless (Western) along with our executive director of the APMA, Glenn Gastwirth to answer your questions, tell us what’s going on, how we got into this situation and how we catapult out to success. There has been a tremendous amount of opinions that have been circulated from many in the profession trying to point fingers. If that served us going forward, I would support this, but now we have 104 graduates needing training, need a strategy on what to do when they graduate. If these 100+ graduates were to enter the residency selection process next year we could have over 200 Graduates in 2014 without residency opportunities. PLEASE join this call, send in your question and let’s learn how all of us in practice can help.