Drs. Rolf Thomas, Joel Morse & Annette Joyce will participate in this lively discussion about the newest treatment modalities for treating the #1 disease in the world, Onychomycosis.

We have polishes, topicals, lasers, pills and now micro drilling.  The newest product ClearANail.com which has been in the UK for years is now available in the USA, so please join me as we learn from the inventor, and one of the 1st users along with some experts as we discuss this new modality.

Dr Rolf Thomas is the CEO of ‘Medical Device Treatment Ltd’. He has an Engineering PhD in Robotics in Surgery. He designed Minimally Invasive Surgical Tools for Johnson & Johnson, and Implants for the Human eye. In 2012 he started to focus full-time on the development of Clearanail and has conducted all aspects of the product and business development to date.