Prescriptions – The latest “PAIN” for physicians each day. Patients all feel that cost of a Rx is something that the doctor is responsible for. The real reality is that each of us in practice is the final sales person for a multi Billion-dollar industry to which we do not receive a dollar for. Everyone in the chain of producing, manufacturing, sales and delivering get a piece of the income, but not the finals sales person, the doctor. I know getting phone calls from patients about the cost of the best medication is a pain that all offices suffer with. Big Pharm know this, so over the past few years a new ‘neesh’ market has developed, the specialty pharmacy. These, often small, companies have given patients and doctors some leverage against the CVS’ and Walgreens’ of the world. Please join me on Tuesday night as we learn from two leading companies on how they developed, and how this industry can serve your patients, and eliminate those many phone calls to our office staffs. Bring your questions, and let’s learn how to help our patients from the sticker shock of the $500+ bill at the pharmacy. Veronica is the former director of transition care for the Walgreens Com having spent 13 years as a nurse and Bryan Lentini is a Phamacist and who have been a pionerior in the community pharmacy space.