Drs Jon Hultman, Michael Cornelison & Steven Wan all past presidents of the California Podiatric Medical Association and members of the Task Force

To attain a plenary license (a medical license), an MD must also complete an ACGME accredited residency. To attain a podiatric license, a DPM must also complete a CPME approved podiatric residency. In other words, both the MD and DPM degrees are not entry to practice licenses (as are DDS and OD degrees). It is the medical license (the P&S Certificate in California), and not the degree itself, that provides an MD and DO with a plenary license. I f the P&S Joint Task Force (which consists MDs, DOs, and DPMS representing the California Medical, Osteopathic, and Podiatric Associations as well as consultants having LCME and ACGME experience) achieves its goal, the DPM degree would become the next degree to qualify and receive the same license as MDs and DOs.

Let’s all learn how much they have accomplished so far and how close they are to the finish line